Concrete & Mortar Sealer

Hydrostop Sealer is a clear, water-based sprayable liquid which activates a water repellent effect on the surfaces of concrete, brick, mortar and masonry. Hydrostop Sealer forms an insoluble, water-repellent barrier within the surface that cannot wear away, fade, yellow, crack or peel. The finished application is virtually invisible, leaving the surface with its original appearance and breathability.

Features & Benefits

  • Is cost-effective and outlasts other sealers

• Provides excellent water repellency and keeps water out of your structure
• Does not change the appearance of the surface
• Works as a chloride screen to protect against damage from de-icing salts, sea water, etc.
• Helps to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion
• Resists acid rain and other chemicals
• Helps to prevent freeze or thaw damage
• Resists mildew and moss formation, rust stains and efflorescence
• Requires no special tools to apply
• Can be used for outdoor or indoor and enclosed applications with minimal odour

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